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Gold Bangle With Gemstone Charms

Gold Bangle With Gemstone Charms

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Stunning Gold Bangle With Hammered Finish Featuring Gemstone Charms

The perfect personalised gift or treat for yourself. Exquisite artisan Handmade 14ct gold-filled bangle. The bangle is 2.5mm round. A solid bangle, with a hammered finish. Featuring three brilliant gemstones - emerald, ruby and peridot - symbolising the birthstones of your beloved family members, this bangle is a tribute to your loved ones or special friends.
Each stone represents the birth of a cherished family member, making this piece even more meaningful and sentimental.

Each gemstone is set in a gold filled setting.

This bangle is fully customizable, allowing you to create a unique piece that holds a special significance close to your heart. Personalise with one of a kind bangle.

If you wish to purchase this bangle please message me so I can personalise the bangle for you.

This bangle is priced for three gemstones 4mm in size apart from the emerald which is 3mm

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