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Silver Bangle with Gold Rings

Silver Bangle with Gold Rings

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Eye Catching Sterling Silver Bangle with Gold Links

Enjoy the unique beauty of artisan craftsmanship, showcasing the perfect combination of sterling silver and gold. An eye-catching statement piece that adds an elegant touch to any ensemble.

This elegant handmade artisan bangle is crafted from solid sterling silver and features a beautiful hammered finish that adds texture and dimension to the design. The bangle features three 14ct gold filled interconnected rings which adds a touch of warmth and contrast to the cool silver.

Unique beauty of artisan craftsmanship. An eye catching piece adding a touch of elegance.

The interlinked gold links provide a sense of movement to the piece, making it visually interesting and dynamic. This bangle is a perfect accessory for everyday wear or for special occasions. It also makes a great gift for someone special.

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