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Sea Glass And Starfish Charm Bangle

Sea Glass And Starfish Charm Bangle

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 Handmade artisan bangle made of solid sterling silver

The bangle is made of high-quality silver that contains at least 92.5% pure silver. The bangle has been crafted by hand, which adds a personal touch and ensures that each piece is unique.

The bangle features a fine silver starfish. Fine silver is 99.9% pure silver and is often used for decorative elements in jewelry. The starfish charm has been cast.

Additionally, the bangle has a sea glass charm, which is a unique touch that adds natural beauty and color to the piece. Sea glass is a type of glass that has been tumbled and weathered by the ocean, giving it a frosted appearance and unique texture.

A high-quality, artisan-crafted bangle with unique and decorative elements that make it a standout piece of jewelry. The combination of sterling silver, fine silver, and sea glass creates a beautiful and cohesive Bohemian design that would appeal to someone who appreciates handmade and natural jewellery.

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